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HST Will Take a Bite Out of Your Meal

January 25, 2010

The harmonized sales tax (HST) is set to be introduced on July 27.  The new legislation will increase the tax on food from 5% to 12%, a move that will dramatically increase the cost of a meal and of groceries in BC.   The HST  will also cost jobs and it will hurt those that can barely afford food.  If you care about rising food costs, get involved and speak out.

Here’s some information from the No Meal Tax site:

“If you don’t speak out against the new meal tax you’ll be paying 12% on your bill for every bite you eat in or take out. That’s an additional 7% tax on top of the 5% you already pay for food at restaurants and coffee shops. Everything from coffee to lunch at the campus or pizza with the kids. Gulp! Thousands of restaurant jobs could go down the drain as well. So petition your MLA or MP and get involved.”